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Southern Utah Hikes

Kanarraville Falls

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Update: as of May 2018, thanks to the powerful reach of social media and the growing tourism to Southern Utah, there is now a required $8 permit per PERSON to see the falls. They claim this is an effort to reduce the number of hikers, however, last time I was there they were not limiting the number of people entering the trail. What used to b[...]
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Yant Flat

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Also known as Candy Cliffs, Yant Flat is a hidden gem. Most people have no idea it even exists. So unlike most over-crowded Southern Utah hikes, I've never seen more than a couple people even out in the area. Distance: 3.4 miles, or however long you want to hike once you get to the amazing sandstone. 1.5 miles in is when the beauty really[...]
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Hiking Red Mountain

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I did this awesome hike with my brother, and my now husband (on our second date!) I am completely in love with the Ivin's Red Mountain. It's actually one of the main reasons I was drawn to moving here. It's absolutely beautiful, and you can see it from any area in Ivins or Santa Clara. It's huge! I used to look at the mountain[...]
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Glitter Mountain

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Also known as Crystal Mountain, or The Old Gypsum Mine, this place is one-of-a-kind! This old selenite mine is dotted with tiny crystals that make it shimmer like it's covered in glitter! UPDATE: The owner has an active claim on the mine, but it is managed by the B.L.M. Please read the owner's requests here. You are welcome to pick any of[...]
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Anasazi Trail

This hike provides beautiful views of the Ivins & Santa Clara mountains. There is no shade on this hike, so I recommend doing it early in the morning or evening, or in the off-season. I love taking my dog on this hike! There's lots of petroglyphs as well! Location: This trailhead is located just southwest of Ivin[...]
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Hell Hole Canyon – Kayenta

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Distance: roughly 3.4 miles roundtrip. This trail is best done after a heavy rainfall, or even in the rain! Sadly, I am yet to see the actual waterfalls cascading off the side of the red mountains on this trail, and that makes me sad. The last time I went, we apparently didn't get enough rain! If you catch it at the right time, I've heard[...]
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